Watermelon Zkittlez




Watermelon Zkittlez (Sativa-Hybrid): Discover the rainbow of fruit infusion with Watermelon Zkittlez from Heavy Grass! A sativa dominant hybrid, Watermelon Zkittez has a somewhat vague lineage, supposedly stemming from Zkittlez and Watermelon Kush. With a rich terpene composition, Watermelon Zkittlez delivers a smooth flavor bursting with radical fruit flavors, with notes of grape, berries, sour grapefruit, and citrus, similar to the sweet tropical candy. The aroma is dominated by sweet herbal notes of watermelon, balanced out with a powerful kick of sour fruit, tart berries, and grape. Highly potent, Watermelon Zkittlez elicits positive mental energy, giving a boost to your mood and energy levels, It’s ideal for daytime use with an energetic, yet relaxed, playful zest, making it perfect for social activities or artistic pursuits. Typically associated with feelings of good vibrations and an elated, happy state of being, Watermelon Zkittez is perfect for those who have a hunger for the sweetest things life has to offer.


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